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Hey everyone, this page is just to inform everyone about any upcoming specials, events, holiday hours, and anything else surrounding the restaurant! We also try to update  customers on Facebook as well! Thank you again for supporting local business! God Bless

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Upcoming changes

  • Due to rising food costs we will be changing prices on a few items. these items won't be on new paper menus due to how the economy keeps changing. we will try to find a more better way to update our customers! 

Summer Hours 

Please bare with us during the summer heat. Currently our ac unit can not keep up with the heat and especially our oven, so that can cause the temperature to rise up to 90 degrees or even more inside the restaurant.  We have advised our employees to close the shop early if the temperature was to ever get that high. 



Online ordering  FAQ

Recently Sometimes our website will say "not accepting online orders at the moment" and there's reasons to why. It doesn't mean we are closed unless you are on before/after we open/close so always double check by calling the store. Currently we are understaffed and that can cause us to open a shift without a delivery driver which means we would have to shut down online ordering to prevent any incoming delivery orders that we wouldn't be able to fulfill, but we would still be open for takeout orders!

Also with COVID  many food distribution suppliers have suffered especially ours. At times we might be short on certain food items and we do apologize for that. If a certain amount of our items are unavailable then we would turn off online ordering for the time being.

Another reason would be if we are too busy then we would pause online ordering for a while until we catch up. 

Currently our online delivering system will say 35-55 min delivery time but that can be wrong because the system does not count our call in deliveries so please call to get a legitimate estimated time especially on fridays and saturdays.

Delivery Fee

Please note:

that the delivery fee is the restaurants fee for providing a delivery service and is not to be confused as a tip for the driver.

When checking out your order, a option to tip your driver will be available.

Thank you.

     :) <3

Thank you to everyone for supporting us these past 6 years! We hope to stay even longer and provide more fresh and delicious food! Be sure to follow us on facebook for more up to date info and specials! and dont forget to leave us a 5 star review on google! :D